The refuge for KISS Army deserters, defectors and draft dodgers. Hosted by Scott Malone and Chris W. Cook.  Each episode covers a different album by the legendary rock band.  Getting into the history of each album and whether or not it affects their status as KISS army draft dodgers. This isn't about hating KISS. They want to understand.

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Scott & Chris


Post Tom Petty @ the Forum in LA

Post Tom Petty @ the Forum in LA




Scott is a supposed writer and improviser, though there is little evidence to back it up. He has tattoos of Aerosmith and the Ramones on his arms and he will probably corner you at a party to tell you their significance. Scott cannot escape Kiss. Scott has such a love/hate relationship with Kiss, he decided this podcast was necessary to slay his Demons. God help us all.





Chris knows next to nothing about KISS. He's managed to make a modest living in life as an actor with some weird joe jobs on the side. Things he's been in that you can watch on Netflix: Damnation (E1&2) & Hell on Wheels (S3E8). Most of Chris's musical knowledge comes from having been a karaoke host for more than a decade. You read that right. More than a decade. Longer than any other job he's had. Chris is skeptical that he'll ever truly like KISS.